This is an overview of our work by cause area. This may not be up to date with our most recent publications. For our latest work, see our blog.

  1. Animal Welfare
    1. Farmed Animals
    2. Fish Welfare
    3. Invertebrate Welfare
    4. Vegatarian Outreach
  2. EA Survey
  3. Global Health

2018 EA Survey Results and Analysis

Community Demographics & Characteristics (EA Forum) - September 2018

Distribution and Analysis Methodology (EA Forum) - October 2018

How do people get involved in EA? (EA Forum) - November 2018

Subscribers and Identifiers (EA Forum) - November 2018

Donation Data (EA Forum) - December 2018

Cause Selections (EA Forum) - January 2019

Group Membership (EA Forum) - February 2019

Where People First Hear About EA and Influences on Involvement (EA Forum) - February 2019

EA Survey 2018 Series: Geographic Differences in EA (EA Forum) - February 2019

How Welcoming is EA? (EA Forum) - February 2019

2019 EA Survey Results and Analysis