This is an overview of our work by cause area. This may not be up to date with our most recent publications. For our latest work, see our blog.

  1. Animal Welfare
    1. Farmed Animals
    2. Fish Welfare
    3. Invertebrate Welfare
    4. Vegetarian Outreach
    5. Wild Animal Welfare
  2. EA Survey
  3. Global Health
  4. Long-Term Future
  5. Meta

Long-Term Future

Nuclear War

Which nuclear wars should worry us most? (EA Forum) - June 2019

Would US and Russian nuclear forces survive a first strike? (EA Forum) - June 2019

How many people would be killed as a direct result of a US-Russia nuclear exchange? (EA Forum) - June 2019

How bad would nuclear winter caused by a US-Russia nuclear exchange be? (EA Forum) - June 2019

How likely is a nuclear exchange between the US and Russia? (EA Forum) - June 2019


RC Forward

Cost-Effectiveness of RC Forward (EA Forum) - May 2019


Rethink Grants: an evaluation of Donational’s Corporate Ambassador Program (EA Forum) - July 2019